Nothing On Earth SKPST017


Nothing On Earth SKPST017


Nothing On Earth - CD SKPST017

  • Erik Friedlander: cello
  • Satoshi Takeishi: percussion
  • Shoko Nagai: accordion, piano, mini-xylophone, electronics

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Produced by Erik Friedlander for ArconomX Music LLC
Recorded by Alejandro Venguer at 2nd Story Sound in New York City
Mixed by Erik Friedlander
Mastered by Steven Berson at Total Sonic Media
Photos courtesy of Jerrycan Films
Design by Vanessa No Heart

In late 2012 I was approached by director Mick Angus to compose the score for his new documentary "Nothing on Earth" which follows photographer Murray Fredericks to the stark and beautiful landscape of the ice cap in Greenland. We worked together to get the score just right and by February we had a stunning solo cello score.  Mick went on to complete the process of getting the film to the theaters as I contemplated some of the musical ideas that were left on the cutting room floor. Somehow I felt the job was not yet complete.  I brought Satoshi and Shoko into the studio and we set about recording  some of the music that didn’t make it into the film. The chemistry between the musicians and the music we created in that session caught me by surprise  -- I am excited to hear more of what this amazing trio can do.

I sequenced those 5 new tracks with new recordings of the "Nothing on Earth" solo cello pieces that do appear in the film  and together you have the soundtrack: Music from and inspired by the film "Nothing on Earth".

1. Hagen (solo)

2. Aasiaat

3. Ingia (solo)

4. Maniitsoq

5. Nuuk

6. Hagen

7. Hagen II

8. Ryder

9. Aasiaat (solo)

10. Aurora

Release Date: July 1, 2014