This page is for you cello players out there. I've posted various interviews, tips, and lessons here, including my first series of video lessons. Peruse this page every once in a while for new stuff. Enjoy!


A brand new modern etude book for cellists!


I've published the scores for some of the solo cello work. You can find more info on these two books at my Scores page.

American Power Suite - $15
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I have included a bunch of lessons I have done over the years below. Please feel free to check them out.  I would like to give special mention of maybe the most comprehensive series of video cello lessons on the web: those by David Finckel.  These 5+ minutes mini videos are clearly conceived and informative. They work well whether you are going through them one-by-one, or you're simply looking for a way to spice up a practice session with a few chosen at random.  David calls them "Cello Talks" and you can find them here. Well worth the time!

Video Lessons

"Making It Count" is a series of short videos each featuring one small thing you can add to your practicing regimen. The idea is that it's not the amount of hours you put in but the quality of the time you spend working--making the time count! 

Other Lessons (no video)


Playing Live & Touring


Erik Friedlander

Erik Friedlander

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