Bygone Alley - Digital Single SKPST021


Bygone Alley - Digital Single SKPST021

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Bygone Alley - Digital Single #SKPST021

  • Erik Friedlander, cello
  • Doug Wamble, guitar
  • Trevor Dunn, bass
  • Michael Sarin, drums

A single recorded during the "Nighthawks" sessions.

In September of 2012 New York City, and much of the Eastern USA, was hit by Hurricane Sandy.  It quickly became quite serious. Downtown where I live we got off easy as we were plunged into darkness and without power for 5 days, whereas many in the area lost their houses or were flooded and ruined. I quickly adapted to life following the sun: up early and when the sun set, I’d light a few candles and try to do more work, and then bleary-eyed head to sleep.  My neighborhood was eerie and dark as there were no streetlights, traffic signals or any stores and restaurants open. About every 10 or 15 minutes or so a police car would make an appearance, boldly driving through the black with emergency lights spinning but no siren.  It was in this odd environment of quiet and menace that I began work on Nighthawks.


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