Bonebridge SKPST010


Bonebridge SKPST010


Bonebridge - CD #SKPST010

  • Erik Friedlander, cello;
  • Doug Wamble, guitar;
  • Trevor Dunn, bass;
  • Mike Sarin, drums

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Produced by Erik Friedlander
Recorded at Excello by Scott Solter
Mixed at Baucom Road by Scott Solter
Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media
All Music by Erik Friedlander

In 1971 Erik and his family visited the Galax Fiddlers’ Festival in Galax, Virginia. The Friedlander family was camping out with hundreds of bluegrass fans and Erik would walk around the festival grounds listening to the numerous pick-up bands that had impromptu sessions. Trucks would roll up, doors would open, and groups would come together. “Do you pick?” people would ask each other. If the answer was “yes” a band would have its start.

One staple of the bluegrass sound is the lap-steel guitar and Erik, then a 11-year old cello player, quickly became a fan. Men with their guitars turned face up and hitched at their waists,  pressed down on the neck of the guitar with a silver slide-- the bending tones left a lasting impression: “The sound is so expressive and I think is in some ways similar to the cello being bowed -- both instruments are legato and singing. It hit me like a flash when I was contemplating my next project – why not put the my cello together with slide?! After making this connection, everything fell into place and the music started writing itself.”

Friedlander’s Bonebridge is a collection of spirited pieces with intelligent twists and turns, and a distinctive American flavor. Pairing his cello with Memphis native Doug Wamble’s savvy slide-guitar makes for a buoyant and expressive front line: the two instruments are kindred spirits when played in this fresh context.

1. Low Country Cupola

2. Beaufain Street

3. Transpontine

4. The Reverend

5. Caribou Narrows

6. Tabatha

7. Hanky Panky

8. Bridge to Nowhere

9. Down at Bonebridge

Release Date: June 7, 2011