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I am pleased to announce my latest project Artemisia, featuring my new band "The Throw." The record is inspired by absinthe and its murky history as a brain-bending, mind-altering substance. It is full of hypnotic meditations on obsession, and tracks that chase euphoria. Artemisia is available to order as a 3x10" deluxe vinyl box set, as well as on CD, and cassette. The digital version is available to pre-order and will be released on April 11th. The deluxe box set includes artwork by Akino Kondoh, and design by Rob Jones. "The Throw" is Uri Caine (piano), Mark Helias (bass), Ches Smith (drums), and Erik Friedlander (cello).


I have published some of my recorded music. You can find here the scores for Block Ice & Propane and American Power:



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Live at Hopkins Theater, Dartmouth, NH


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