by Erik Friedlander

October 19, 8p/10p

Erik Friedlander, cello
Doug Wamble, guitar
Michael Sarin, drums
Trevor Dunn, bass

Friedlander will preview their new cd, “NightHawks”  Bonebridge turns to the American South for inspiration. Taking a cue from his teenage passion for The Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Winter, and Southern rock in general, Friedlander brought in slide-guitar player and Memphis native Doug Wamble to share the front line of this new quartet. Wamble joins a honed unit as Friedlander, Mike Sarin (drums) and Trevor Dunn (bass) have played together in New York City for years, most recently in the Broken Arm Trio.  “Mr. Friedlander, an ingenious cellist who makes an art of soulful rusticity.“

The Stone is located at 2nd Street & Avenue C. Doors open a half-hour before set time. Tickets are $15.