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I am pleased to announce my latest project Artemisia, featuring my new band "Throw A Glass." The record is inspired by absinthe and its murky history as a brain-bending, mind-altering substance. It is full of hypnotic meditations on obsession, and tracks that chase euphoria. Artemisia is available to order as a 3x10" deluxe vinyl box set, as well as on CD, and cassette. The digital version is available to pre-order and will be released on April 11th. The deluxe box set includes artwork by Akino Kondoh, and design by Rob Jones. "Throw A Glass" is Uri Caine (piano), Mark Helias (bass), Ches Smith (drums), and Erik Friedlander (cello).


I have published some of my recorded music. You can find here the scores for Block Ice & Propane and American Power:



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Live at Hopkins Theater, Dartmouth, NH


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