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Claws & Wings - CD

by Erik Friedlander

This new work is written in memory of Erik’s late wife who died in November of 2011. He, along with his daughter, were left to ponder how to make sense of the loss, and how to move on.  The music strongly resonates with Erik’s mind-set at the time: meditating on a life lost,  regaining his balance, and then moving forward with optimism. Claws & Wings (World Premier) is dedicated to this ongoing process.

My wife Lynn went to NYU School of the Arts as a dancer and was a dancer when we met. I was playing cello and she danced and she caught my eye immediately.  I think the most happy I remember her was when she was choreographing with her dancers -- working with them in the studio, challenging them to do more, dancing with them.  She always had a dancer’s physique, a dancer’s posture -- she will always be a dancer to me. 
  • 4:47
    Erik Friedlander