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Week at The Stone June 9th: Black Phebe and Velvet White

  • The Stone Avenue C & E 2nd Street New York, NY 10009 USA (map)

8pm -  Black Phebe “Rings” CD RELEASE (premier)

Shoko Nagai, piano, accordion

Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

Erik Friedlander, cello


Black Phebe is really two trios. Shoko Nagai’s charismatic performance on accordion and then piano changes the feel of the group.With accordion, the trio becomes a virtuosic world­music juggernaut; exploring the spaces between mixed meter works and sweet folk songs. With piano, the group transforms altogether, taking the form of a Jazz piano trio and Classical chamber group. Come and hear the band celebrate the release of their new cd, “Rings


10pm - Velvet White (premier)

Ikue Mori, electronics

Ava Mendoza, guitar

Ches Smith, drums

Erik Friedlander, cello


First time performance for this quartet. “Velvet White” is named after a piece of sculpture by John Chamberlain who used parts of the automobile (fenders, bumpers, or the chassis) to make his work. “Stopping is the key; you have to know when to stop. If I feel so glad that a sculpture is here, and I don’t care who did it, then I figure it’s a good piece.”