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Week at The Stone June 10th: Broken Arm Trio and Arrullo de la Noche Honda

  • The Stone Avenue C & E 2nd Street New York, NY 10009 USA (map)

8pm - Broken Arm Trio

Michael Sarin, drums

Trevor Dunn, bass

Erik Friedlander, cello


In 1949 bassist Oscar Pettiford broke his arm playing baseball. He could still move his fingers even though his arm was in a sling, so he began experimenting with a cello a friend had lent to him. He tuned the cello like a bass only an octave higher and later made history recording a series of cello­ led projects including the great, under­recognized 1964 Fantasy release, "My Little Cello" featuring a photo of his newborn son whom he named “Cello.” Erik Friedlander tosses away his bow for this new band, playing only pizzicato in a world steeped in the influences of Oscar Pettiford and the small group feel of Herbie Nichols.


10pm - Arrullo de la Noche Honda

Lucia Pulido, vox

Erik Friedlander, cello


Poems and Folk songs from Colombia Lucía Puldio (vox) and Erik Friedlander (cello) have come together to collaborate through a celebration of the rich cultural and artistic tradition of Columbia, its music, and its poets. Arrullo combines Colombian folk songs from both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts with Friedlander's settings of modern Colombian poetry.