"Nighthawks" Release Date Announced - May 20, 2014


I am pleased to announce the release of the second Bonebridge CD, "Nighthawks."  The recording features the same amazing lineup of Doug Wamble, Trevor Dunn, & Michael Sarin.  “Nighthawks” came together during the blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy in September of 2012. Downtown Manhattan was plunged into darkness and without power for 5 days. I had set aside the time to work on Nighthawks and quickly got used to life without power. Following the sun, I was up early and when the sun set, I’d work by candlelight.  My neighborhood was eerie and dark, and there were no streetlights, traffic signals or any stores or restaurants open. About every 10 or 15 minutes or so a police car would make an appearance, driving through the black with its emergency lights spinning, but no siren.  It was in this odd environment of quiet and solitude that I finished writing Nighthawks.  

The cd's heartbeat is still the slide-guitar and the chemistry I've found between Doug's playing and mine. That chemistry influenced how I wrote and what I wrote. The title of the cd comes from one of Edward Hopper’s most famous paintings depicting four people in a diner late at night. A lot of what Hopper evoked: the mystery and solitude, was familiar to me. I felt like I was living in a Hopper painting. The streets were empty and the days were getting shorter. One night an enterprising guy set up his falafel stand nearby using a generator. It was the only light source for a 20 block radius. A few people were waiting in line for a hot meal -- It was a modern-day Hopper come to life!

 photo by Katie Kline

photo by Katie Kline

You can pre-order the CD now at Bandcamp.com

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