Show Description:


Erik Friedlander performs original music, shows images and films, and tells stories. He sits on piano bench, with a laptop nearby, playing the cello and cuing images/films using a laptop and a MIDI foot- pedal.


Show length: 55-75 mins.


Equipment & Staging Info


DLP Projector:


Resolution XGA , SXGA, SXGA+ (1400 x 1050)


  • For houses 100 seats and less, 3000 lumens

  • For houses with 100-300 seats, 4500 lumens

  • For houses with 300-500 seats, 6000 lumens


On Stage:


  • VGA or HDMI connector to projector for PC Laptop (must reach stage area)

  • Screen - 22' x 16'  (7m x 4.8m)

  • Piano bench or similar flat chair (same height, no angle in seat) see rider for more details about chair:

  • Small table for laptop - 1-2' (.5m)  in height




  • 1 XLR line for mic (I will bring my own Schoeps Mic)

  • 1 mini-plug line from laptop for occasional sound (top of the show only)

  • 1 Wireless Headset Mic

  • 1 Small Boom Stand for cello mic


Misc Sound: Sound tech should have the ability to cue sound from sound board for one short segment -- i.e., play file using iTunes if necessary. Please provide reverb for cello microphone.




Piano Bench off center stage right

table lecturn on floor DSR for laptop


Lighting Cues:


3 cues:

  • Cue1 - brighter, saturation - to highlight Erik when playing without image

  • Cue2 - dimmer look to not distract the eye from the image

  • Cue3 - added front light for when Erik stands up to talk